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Do it yourself! Put your socks on easily and give yourself the much need independence again!

Socks slider is the fastest, easiest way to put your socks on and take them off without someone’s help. It was specially designed for users with injuries and mobility limitations as well as pregnant women. The sock cradle and the long handle will help you slide your socks on without bending over, twisting or turning.

My partner insisted he didn't need this, that he wasn't that old. When his back or knee was bugging him, he'd have so much pain getting his socks on that he was exhausted before he got to work. Now he gets to play with a gadget, which appeals to his engineer heart, and getting dressed is easy. ~Kim

Sock slider is versatile and it works with all kinds of socks regardless of whether you choose dress socks, casual ones, athletic ones, or even compression socks.

The process of using the sock slider is very easy. Here are the 3 steps you need to follow:

Step 1
Place your sock heel-side down in the Sock Slider System and roll the cuff down the sides of the cradle until the toe is at the top. 

Step 2
Once the sock is in place, use the handle to gently lower the Sock Slider System to the floor.

Step 3
Slowly ease your foot into the sock opening, sliding your heel to the bottom of the sock cradle, until the sock is fully on your foot. If needed, use the handle to hold the Sock Slider System's cradle in place.

Use the lifting tab for compression in tube socks located on the handle, to help put up the cuff of your tube compression or other long socks

The handle will also help you take your socks off when you're done wearing them and help you hold your shoes in place while you put them on.

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