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Handmade Pearl Apple Watch Band

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🎁⌚🎁:Pearl Bracelet Design: Pearl bracelet and apple watch band perfect combination, It makes your watch more like a fashion colorful jewelry bracelet than a normal watch.

🎁⌚🎁:Absolutely look like a luxury jewelry, make you eye catching, add much beauty and elegance to your watch. pearls make this bracelet beautiful and romantic all at once!

🎁⌚🎁:Size: 42mm / 44mm: 5.7—6.9inch (145-175mm) wrist. Each strap is handmade,This watch band stretches naturally through the elastic, it will be comfortable around your wrist. According to our statistics, 99% women and girls suitable.

🎁⌚🎁:Easy installation: No tools needed, no buckle needed, easily to take on / off. Please note that the way to wear, can not be Winding, pay attention to the metal pipe and the friction between the lines of friction.

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